Networked performance og Web Audio

Rockheim og Musikkteknologi (Instiutt for musikk, NTNU) inviterer til en kveld hvor vi ser på de utvidede mulighetene for musikkframføring som ligger i nettverksteknologi, gjennom en presentasjon av Rebekah Wilson: «Impressive futures»

  • Foto: Frank Baldé
    Foto: Frank Baldé

Onsdag 4. desember kl. 19 på Rockheim scene
Gratis inngang 

Rebekah Wilson: "Impressive futures"

Sound is a profound method of communication—it allows for subtle inter-sensory communication that is immensely effective for transmitting and tracing our physical and emotional selves over the Internet, from one location to the other. By way of our creative proxies, we reinforce and elaborate on the resonances between our hopes and needs; what we transmit resonates with our own well-springs, a need to communicate with as much richness as possible.

The richness of sound and audio technology on the Internet springs from advancements integral to developments driven by the primary concerns of commerce and science, giving rise to operable and affordable bandwidth in newly-accessible geographical areas as well as developer gains such as the growing sophistication of codecs, browser technology and frameworks. As greater developments in sound technology become available to us, greater possibilities are revealed—impressive futures loom where sound can be transmitted to and played back from a multitude of hitherto-unimagined places and objects and with progressively decreasing latencies. In the delight of this complex machinery when we consider the applications that become possible, we must equally consider the positionality of makers in relation to those who adopt and use our interfaces, i.e. we must consider good stewardship. Stewardship means acknowledging that we hold a responsibility for good governance, to take into consideration how sustainable prosperity arises through the supporting of our communities; it means that we have a responsibility to foster and diversify the ecosystems that we capitalise on and survive within. Stewardship means being the role models we wish we’d have had, and it means that while promoting what excites us—whether that is streaming, gaming, sound art, music or coding for its own sake—we must also be promoting how and why it excites us. In doing so we draw in closer those who will bring new stories and new innovations, towards cultivating thoughtful, illuminating processes of technological development in step with cultural and demographic evolution.

Rebekah Wilson: Networked performance

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Arrangementet inngår i konferanseprogrammet til Web Audio Conference