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Veteranene i Divided Multitude slipper 20. september sitt 6. studioalbum, «Faceless aggressor». Dette blir behørig feiret med releaseparty på Rockheim lørdag 21. september.

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Divided Multitude
Konsert lørdag 21. september kl. 20.00
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Divided Multitude is back. Stronger than ever.

After the departure of keyboardplayer Eskild Kløften, Divided Multitude decided to regroup, and  bring in powerhouse-singer Jan Thore Grefstad (Saint Deamon, Highland Glory)

Singer Sindre Antonsen was transformed into a guitarplayer/ singer, which gave the band a different sound, still carrying the typical Divided Multitude-sound.

Divided Multitude started up back in 1995. After releasing two demos, “Stranded” and “Tale Of Tomorrow”,they signed with Sensory Records for the release of their debut-album  "Inner Self".

The album was released in 1999, and the band toured Norway and Denmark with the Swedish band Hollow.

Divided Multitude’s second album, Falling To Pieces, was released in 2002. This led the band into a festivaltour, and the band played numerous festivals, and the tour was high-lighted by the band playing Prog Power Europe.

In 2008/ 2009 the album “Guardian Angel” was recorded. For mixing and mastering the album was sent to the amazing Jacob Hansen at Hansen Studios. This really gave the band the sound they were looking for.

In 2009, Divided Multitude teamed up with Silverwolf Productions, and they released the album Guardian Angel in 2010.

The album recieved good reviews from all over the world, and the band toured Norway, and later Europe with Manticora, in the aftermath of the release.

The band recorded the album Feed On Your Misery late 2012 and early 2013, and the album was released the 19th. Of April 2013 in Europe, and April the 16th. in the US.

The album is recorded in @ Home Studios, Black Lodge and Eidegården Studio; mixed and mastered by the amazing Jacob Hansen. The cover-art and cover-design is done by Per Spjøtvold.

After the release of "Feed On Your Misery", the band toured Europe with legendary Fates Warning.The tour was a massive success for Divided Multitude.

The release of "Feed On Your Misery" also earned the band a booking for the highly proclaimed ProgPower USA,and promoter Glenn Harveston of ProgPower USA ranged "Feed On Your Misery" the album of the year 2013.

Also festivals  like PPM Fest, 70 000 Tons of Metal and Metal Days were visited by Divided Multitude after the release of the album.

The album “Divided Multitude” marked the band's 20th anniversary as a band, and showed their strength and versatility as a band.

After the release of the album, the band toured Europe again with Circus Maximus.

The bands upcoming album “Faceless Aggressor” is ready for release on Ram It Down Records, and is scheduled to be released the 20thof September.

Tickets available at hoopla.no

Divided Multitude is:

Christer Harøy                 - Guitars/ Vocals

Rayner Harøy                  - Bass/ Vocals

Anders Vinje                    - Drums

Sindre Antonsen             - Vocals/ Guitar

Jan Thore Grefstad         - Vocals