Welcome to Rockheim

Rockheim is the national museum of popular music. Since the museum’s opening in 2010 there has been a steady stream of visitors eager to learn about norwegian music and its history.

Opening Hours

Tuesday – Wednesday:  10 AM – 4 PM
Thursday: 10 AM - 8 PM
Friday: 10 AM - 4 PM
Saturday - Sunday: 10 AM - 5 PM
Monday closed                                                                                   


Adults: 140 NOK
Students/seniors: 100 NOK
Children 0-15 years: Free admission (accompanied by an adult)

Music is a source of enjoyment. It creates a sense of belonging and offers new experiences. But it is also a vital source of knowledge of ourselves and our cultural history. Behind the scenes, Rockheim’s staff is engaged in managing and researching Norway’s pop and rock music, and in making it accessible to the public.

The visit to Rockheim begins in the spectacular “Top Box”. From the main exhibit on the 6th floor you proceed down floor by floor. The music and stories are communicated by means of interactive exhibit technology and objects from the museum’s collections. You are welcomed by Rockheim’s guides, who will be your hosts and will answer your questions about the exhibits.

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The Time Tunnel

Rockheim’s permanent exhibit, The Time Tunnel, is a journey through modern Norwegian musical and cultural history. In these exhibits you operate the playback of sounds, images, and music videos, and thus creating your own stories and experiences.

  • Hovedutstillingen: 50-tallet
    Rockheim/Geir Mogen
  • Hovedutstillingen: 1960-tallet
    Rockheim/Geir Mogen
  • Hovedutstillingen: 1970-tallet
    Rockheim/Geir Mogen
  • Hovedutstillingen: 1980-tallet
    Rockheim/Geir Mogen
  • Hovedutstillingen: 1990-tallet
    Rockheim/Geir Mogen
  • Hovedutstillingen: Black metal-rommet
    Rockheim/Geir Mogen
  • Hovedutstillingen: 2000-tallet
    Rockheim/Geir Mogen
  • Hovedutstillingen: Hedersveggen
    Rockheim/Geir Mogen

Rockheim Temporær

In the temporary exhibits on the 4th floor topics of music history and contemporary culture — local, national, and international — are treated in greater depth.

Rockheim Galleri

In the Rockheim Gallery on the ground floor extra attention is devoted to the visual expression of pop and rock music. There is no admission charge to view these exhibits.

Rockheim Hall of Fame

The Rockheim Hall of Fame is an institution honouring persons and groups who have played an essential role in the development and dissemination of Norwegian pop and rock music. The previous year’s inductees are on display in the museum’s vestibule.​


In the quiet setting of Rockheim’s media library you can immerse yourself in whatever interests you. Here you can read books and music magazines.

Do It Yourself!

There are three sections on the 4th floor where you can get actively involved. At the Rockheim Jam Station you can explore instruments and jam to popular Norwegian tracks. In the Hip Hop Room you can do graffiti legally with a laser pointer, mix songs with digital record players, create your own remix of familiar Norwegian hip hop tunes, and — if you feel up to it — even try breakdancing!

In 2018 you can explore the temporary exihition Dance with me! (Dains me mæ!) in the connecting area. 

  • Hiphop-rommet
    Rockheim/Geir Mogen
  • Hiphop-rommet
    Rockheim/Geir Mogen

Rockheim Restaurant

The Restaurant is on the 5th floor, with a stunning view of the city and  the fjord. It serves cakes and coffee, lunch and dinner — everything needed for an extended visit to the museum. The restaurant is open 10 AM to 4 PM from Tuesday, Wednesday and Fridauy. Every Thursday the restaurant is open until 8 PM. Saturdays and Sundays, the opening hours are 10 AM to 5 PM. You can also visit the restaurant without paying the admission charge to the museum.

The Gift Shop

In the museum gift shop on the ground floor you can buy notebooks, biographies, t-shirts of all sizes, postcards, buttons, mugs, posters, and other gift items. You can shop without paying the admission charge.