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Everybody dance!

Opening October 16th in Rockheim temporær. 

Everybody dance! is an exhibition focusing on social dance – the dancing we do for social reasons or mutual enjoyment, rather than performing or competing. The purpose of the exhibition is to showcase dancing traditions as part of our cultural heritage as well as transmitting them to new audiences.  

 The visitors are included as participating partners from the beginning and parts of the exhibition will be built around material submitted by the public. Through interactive installations and collaborative projects, the visitors are further invited to explore different ways of dancing together – and the way it makes us feel. The exhibition will also provide an open space where everybody can meet and share different dancing experiences.  

Everybody dance! is a collaborative project between three Nordic cultural organizations –Scenkonstmuseet in Stockholm, Theatre Museum in Helsinki and Norwegian Centre for traditional music and dance in Trondheim. The exhibition opened in Stockholm 2nd of April 2020, and will open in Trondheim at Rockheim October 16th. The exhibit will travel to Helsinki after August 2022. 

 The project owner Norwegian center for traditional music and dance has one of the largest dance archives in Northern Europe and is an NGO for the UNESCO 2003 Convention for intangible cultural heritage. The main goals of the centre are to promote, safeguard and carry on traditional Norwegian music and dance as an expression of cultural identity. 

 Scenkonstmuseet in Stockholm is bringing the heritage of theatre, music and dance to life. The museum is unique in its fusion of history and modernity, and in offering the opportunity for the audience’s own participation and creativity. The collection include musical instruments, stage design models, costumes, art objects, theatrical figures and puppets. 

 Theatre Museum is a national special museum of performing arts in Finland. The museum preserves collections of Finnish theatre, dance, opera, circus and live art and performance. Interactivity and liveliness are essential factors in the museum’s exhibitions presenting cultural heritage of performing arts. 

 The project is funded by Nordic Culture Fund and Nordic Culture Point in order to make exchanges on the topic of dissemination of Nordic social dance in museums. All partners contribute to the curation of the exhibition. The exhibition design is made by MUSEAA.