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The Millennium Room

From Lene Marlin to Astrid S, Napster to Spotify, and Pop Idol to Eurovision Song contest - in the Millennium Room, we take you on a journey in technology, culture, and the Norwegian playlist from the 2000s until today.

In the exhibition, we take a closer look at how technology has changed music production, our listening habits, and in what way the internet has contributed to Norwegian artists being able to go from 15 minutes in the spotlight to become world stars overnight.

The Millennium Room will be Rockheims largest permanent exhibition with three interactive stations that in various ways convey technology, culture, and Norwegian popular music from the 2000s until today. You can read, listen and see over 300 bands and artists from extreme metal to hip-hop.

We have placed great emphasis on presenting the diversity from the last 20 years, in addition to providing a deep cultural-historical dive into many of the changes that have taken place over time.

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