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Professional profile Annabella Skagen

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Name: Annabella Skagen

Position: Head of Cultural Heritage Management - Senior Conservator NMF

E-mail: annabella.skagen@mist.no

Tel: +47 9178766


Annabella Skagen was employed by Ringve Music Museum in 2015 and has been Head of the Department for Cultural Heritage Management at the united Ringve & Rockheim Museum since 2021. Her work includes research, exhibition planning, and audience mediation, and she was project leader for the exhibitions In Time with the Countess – Music and People in Trondhjem 1740–1815 (2016–2017), Drumroll and Fanfare – 200 Years of Norwegian Military Bands (2018), and Beethoven Factory; an audiovisual installation by Musée de la Musique – Philharmonie de Paris (2021–2022). She sits on the MiST Research Committee, and is a board member of publishing company Museumsforlaget (2024–2026), owned by MiST. In the period 2019–2024 she served on the MiST board as an employee-elect.

Annabella Skagen is a theatre studies scholar and holds a Ph.d. in Drama and Theatre from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU 2015) and is an authorized Senior Curator by The Norwegian Museum Society (NMF). Her research interests and areas of expertise include Norwegian 18th and 19th century music and theatre history, European theatre and cultural history, and dramaturgy.

Selected Publications:

‘Formidling av det fragmenterte: Et nettleksikon for norsk musikkdramatikk’. With Trond Olav Svendsen. Teatervitenskapelige studier Vol. 7 2023, pp. 107–122. Essay https://boap.uib.no/index.php/tvs/article/view/4026/3689

‘The Original Portrayal of Mozart’s Don Giovanni. Magnus Tessing Schneider’. Nordic Theatre Studies Vol. 34 No. 1 2022, pp. 129-130. Review https://tidsskrift.dk/nts/article/view/137931/182211 https://doi.org/10.7146/nts.v34i1.137931

‘Oehlenschläger’s Freyas Altar: A rejected Singspiel performed’. In Randi M. Selvik, Svein Gladsø and Annabella Skagen (eds.): Relevance and Marginalisation in Scandinavian and European Performing Arts 1770–1860. London: Routledge 2021, pp. 206–226

‘The Singspiels of Hans Iver Horn: Nuances of Dano-Norwegian patriotism during the Napoleonic wars’. 1700-tal: Nordic Journal for Eighteenth-Century Studies Vol. 17 2020, pp. 77–98 https://septentrio.uit.no/index.php/1700/issue/view/470/67

‘Kotzebue in Trondheim: Continental Ideals and Local Identity During the Napoleonic Wars’. University of Stockholm 2020: https://www.su.se/polopoly_fs/1.506141.1592974136!/menu/standard/file/Historiography_2018.pdf

In Time with the Countess: Music and People in Trondhjem 1740–1815. Exhibition catalogue. Ringve Music Museum 2016, pp. 19–90. ISBN 978-82-990305-1-9.

Fra grevens gård til Prinsens gate: Teater i Trondhjem 1790–1814. Ph.d. dissertation. NTNU 2015. ISBN 9788232610143

‘Residensteater i 1790-årenes Trondhjem: Mellom privat selskapelighet og offentlig festspill’. In Lidenskap eller levebrød. Utøvende kunst i endring rundt 1800. Fagbokforlaget 2015, pp. 211–234 ISBN 978-82-321-0458-1

‘Å spille en rolle: Borgere og teater i Trondhjem 1814’. In Trondheim 1814. Fagbokforlaget 2014, pp. 227–247. ISBN 978-82-321-0395-9

Kunstfagenes kilder: Status og utfordringer for arkiv og samlinger innen dans, teater og musikk i Norge og Skandinavia. Conference proceedings. NTNU 2012.  With Thoralf Berg, Anne Margrete Fiskvik, Ellen Karoline Gjervan, Svein Gladsø and Randi Margrete Selvik https://www.ntnu.no/documents/17353720/1307856232/Rapporten.pdf/596ef580-661c-a540-f74e-548dd5f9bfa0?t=1641415850972

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