About Rockheim

Rockheim is Norway’s national museum of popular music. Since the museum’s opening in 2010 there has been a steady stream of visitors eager to learn about Norway’s music and its history.

  • Rockhem-bygget (Foto/Photo)
    Geir Mogen/Rockheim

 Rockheim is located at the harbour, just a five minutes walk from Trondheim Central Station. Here you will find music and cultural history presented in the form of interactive exhibits and objects from the museum’s collection. The exhibitions are adapted for visitors of all generations, and you will also fi nd an excellent restaurant with view over both the fjord and the city.

Music is a source of enjoyment. It creates a sense of belonging and offers new experiences. But it is also a vital source of knowledge of ourselves and our cultural history. Behind the scenes, Rockheim’s staff is engaged in managing and researching Norway’s pop and rock music, and in making it accessible to the public.

The visit to Rockheim begins in the spectacular “Top Box”. From the main exhibit on the 6th floor you proceed down floor by floor. The music and stories are communicated by means of interactive exhibit technology and objects from the museum’s collections. You are welcomed by Rockheim’s guides, who will be your hosts and will answer your questions about the exhibits.