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Instrumentkunnskap: Robert Moog Synthesizers

Rockheim scene: 05.06.2014
Med: Trevor Pinch

Rockheim proudly presents Moog expert/enthusiast Professor Trevor Pinch to lead us through the seasons last Instrumentkunnskap, Thursday 5th June at 8 pm.

Pinch writes this about his presentation: The Electronic Music Synthesizer has become a major instrument of rock. But where did this instrument come from and how did it come to transform rock and popular music in general? In this lecture I will trace its history through synth pioneer – the engineer Robert Moog. I will explore how bands such as the Beatles and the Doors used the Moog and how psychedelic rock took up the instrument through bands such as TONTO’s Expanding Head Band who went on to make the Moog sounds on Stevie Wonder’s breakthrough album Music of my Mind. We will follow the synth into retail music stores in the 1970s and the influence of prog rocker Keith Emerson. The lecture will be accompanied by video and sound clips of classic Moog works.

Trevor Pinch is the Goldwyn Smith Professor of Science and Technology Studies and Professor of Sociology at Cornell University. He holds degrees in physics and sociology. He has authored many books and numerous articles on aspects of the sociology of science, the sociology of technology, the sociology of economics, and sound studies.  His books include Analog Days: The Invention and Impact of the Moog Synthesizer. He is co editor of the Oxford Handbook of Sound Studies.  He is also a performing musician with the Electric Golem.

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